Manna & Mercy Bible Study — Chapter 4, The Covenant and the Covenant Gift

Chapter 4: The Covenant and the Covenant Gift

Scripture: Exodus 17 – Deuteronomy 26

Things to think about
– How do we usually talk about “God’s law”? What is helpful about it? What is hurtful?
– What makes a gift good?

– Two Feminists Annotate the Bible: Episode 13 – Exodus 20-31
Two Feminists Annotate the Bible: Episode 15 – Exodus 33-40
– Two Feminists Annotate the Bible: Episode 29 – Deuteronomy

– A liberated people has to decide how we are going to live. We want to make rules and laws so we don’t go back into the previous oppression. The 10 Commandments served as a Bill of Rights for the new constitution. The first command is really a reminder that God has set us free so these “commandments” are lived in response to that gift of grace/liberation. We don’t keep commandments to make us free or to make God love us – we keep them in response to God’s love. Watch the Manna and Mercy video clip.

– If you’ve never seen it, the classic Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston very clearly shows some of the 1950s theology that many of us were raised with. If you’ve got four hours, take a crack at it, and consider: how does it differ from the vision Erlander offers of God’s gift at Mount Horeb?

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