Manna & Mercy Bible Study — Chapter 3, The Wilderness School

Chapter 3: The Wilderness School

Scripture: Exodus 16

Things to think about:
– The story of manna given in the wilderness serves in this Bible overview as a key frame for God’s mercy. What are the stories you tell to explain how you view the world?
– What do you think is more miraculous — the theory that manna literally fell from the sky, or scientific considerations of how manna might have been a production of creation?

– Two Feminists Annotate the Bible: Episode 12, Exodus 16-19

– Salvation is not good news to those who are addicted to the status quo. God is in partnership with the outcasts and marginalized. God has “big ears” to hear the cry of the marginalized. God works behind enemy lines using the daughter of Pharaoh. We, like Moses, carry the identity of both oppressed and oppressor within us. You can’t move from the land of oppression to the land of promise without having to go through the wilderness in between. We have to un-learn the Egyptian way. The first lesson is to learn to share – God has provided enough and we need to be sure everyone has enough – the opposite of the Egyptian way. For society to flourish, you must share. Watch the Manna and Mercy video clip.

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