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Weekend of Mother’s Day – A Celebration of our Mothering God, A Walking with Those Who Mourn
For this Mother’s Day, we remember the many and sadly sometimes painful forms and experiences of motherhood, womanhood, parenting, humanity. Not every woman is a mother; not every woman who longs to be a mother has become one; not every mother has given birth; not every person who has given birth identifies as a woman or mother. We approach our identities, our bodies, and our families with great diversity. We may greet this day with grief, resentment, loneliness, troubled hope, complex joy. In this meditative service, we remember the rich metaphors for God that draw us into great and mothering love; we recognize the wide and diverse ways that womanhood, parenthood, and mothering have come into our lives; and we celebrate with all those who celebrate today.

Normally Queer Grace Community worship or meditation videos are posted at a specific time on Sunday evening, and we invite everyone to watch live together. For this particular meditation, we wanted to make it available early for anyone who is dealing with the hard complexities of Mother’s Day and might need a place to retreat. Video is up on Facebook for whenever you need it.

Sunday, May 16th – 6:30-8pm – Queer Bible Study: But Seriously, What Now?
Vaccines are available and things are opening up. Anyone feel weird about that? Anyone not ready to take off their mask? Anyone frustrated by the diverse expectations and wants of everyone around them? YUP. At this Bible study we’ll dive into some of the stories of God’s people in transition and find out if there’s any lessons in there for us. We’ll also talk about next steps for QGC as a gathering community! Open to LGBTQIA+ people of Christian faith and/or experience and allies who affirm and celebrate our lives. Join us on Facebook for the Zoom link.