Our Promises

We will be unequivocal in our belief that LGBTQIA+ people are welcome into the body of Christ and the worship of the church just as we are.

We will want to know who you are. When you arrive, we’ll ask for your name and pronouns. Then, we’ll use them.

We will want to meet you where you are. For many LGBTQIA+ people, walking through the doors of a church brings up a mix of emotions. So sometimes we’re not in a church. And when we are, if you need to cry, we’ll find tissues. If you need to take a break, we’ll make space. And if you want a hug, we will have someone ready to hug back.

We will want to hear your story. At our worship prayer stations, we will try to give you space for reflection and engagement. At fellowship and Bible study, we’ll ask questions and tell our own stories.

We will celebrate a wide range of Christian faith. Our worship draws from Scripture, from history, from tradition, from experience. We bring in new speakers to offer new ways of re-connecting with God. We sing songs both old and new, some with traditional language for God, others with contemporary metaphors. We draw from both mainline and evangelical worship styles.

Our communion table is open to everyone. We believe when Jesus said “Take and eat,” he offered it to everyone — no exceptions.

Our leadership will reflect our community. Our leadership team are all members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

We will probably make mistakes. This is just a fact of being human. We ask you to tell us where we fell short, and offer ideas for how we can improve.

We will never stop proclaiming that the good news of Jesus is for all people.