Each month we invite a local member of the LGBTQ+ community to preach at worship. Some are pastors and priests at nearby churches, like the Rev. Marcus Halley. Some are speakers and teachers, like Austen Hartke. Some are writers and performers, like Rev. Shannon Kearns. Some are youth ministers or sex therapists. And sometimes it’s just us.


Our music is led by a small group (usually a guitar and vocals, maybe some additional drums when someone wants to jump in). We sing classic hymns and contemporary praise & worship, often with a twist that moves us from the original lyrics (too often fixated on our own wretchedness) into remembering we were made beautiful and beloved. We alternate images of God, especially when it comes to gender, believing that God is not encompassed in any one metaphor.


Each service, we have two to three interactive prayer stations. The stations are based on that day’s Scripture and theme. Sometimes they are crafty, like making ink-stained coffee filter candle holders; sometimes they invite reflection and writing, like building a Lego tower out of the foundations of our faith.


Our communion table doesn’t belong to us — it belongs to Jesus. So if you’ve come looking for God, the bread and wine is for you. No further requirements.