We are a group of LGBTQIA+ Christians in the Twin Cities seeking a space where we can trust that we will be fully seen, known, and loved — by God and by others. We gather weekly (usually Sunday evenings) for worship, Bible study, game night, and cultural events.

Our worship draws from both traditional and contemporary worship styles. We open with band-led music. We listen to Scripture and a witness from one of our LGBTQ+ leaders. After the sermon we have open time for prayer and meditation. We share in communion and then in fellowship over cookies and conversation.

Our Bible study uses the book Manna and Mercy, which we will provide if you don’t have one already. Bible study is an open space – you don’t have to have attended before. There’s nothing to read ahead of time and no particular version of the Bible that you’re expected to use (we usually have the New Revised Standard Version on hand if you don’t have one of your own to bring). 

All who affirm and celebrate the lives of queer and trans Christians are welcome to join us.