Who We Are

Nikole Mitchell is a biracial queer woman exploring what it means to be an integrated person and a recovering Christian. She studies at United Theological Seminary in Saint Paul and has a wonderful partner, three amazing kids, and a lovely cat. Nikole’s job is to keep us all theologically accountable.

Joshua Reno is working on his PhD at the U in the Classical & Near Eastern Studies department where he also teaches ancient Greek. He lives in Northeast Minneapolis with his partner, Jessie, and their two cats. Outside of grad school, Joshua enjoys going to the movies, listening to Debussy, and sipping an old-fashioned. Josh is our music guy, and also continually charges us with reclaiming the value of the apostle Paul.

Emmy Kegler is the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Northeast Minneapolis and the founder and editor of Queer Grace, an encyclopedia of online resources around LGBTQ life and faith. She lives in Saint Paul and is marrying a gorgeous veterinarian in October. She keeps the wheels on around this place.

Emily Szeliga comes from an eclectic faith background that includes a year living in a convent in intentional faith-based community. She currently lives in South Minneapolis with her younger sibling and many, many houseplants. She brings her relentless enthusiasm to worship leading, culture event planning, and making everyone laugh till their sides hurt.